Imola 1982: An F1 controversy that keeps on rolling

Every F1 fan knows the story of the 1982 San Marino Grand Prix. The story of how Didier Pironi duped his unsuspecting teammate Gilles Villeneuve in a desperate, last lap manoeuvre has become part of motor racing folklore. But a new biography relating events of that long ago day is set to turn the story... Continue Reading →


Is Raikkonen the modern Barrichello?

Now, before I begin I must stress that I am a massive fan of both of these drivers. Rubens, like Felipe Massa, is a smiley, universally loved Brazilian for always wearing his heart firmly on his sleeve. The Iceman too is massively popular, and we all love him for largely not really giving a monkeys... Continue Reading →

Testing by the numbers

In his first article for F1 Paddock Pass, @F1StatMan takes a look at the pre-season testing for 2017 and delves into the stats, including answering the question of: just how does a Mercedes compare with a bratwurst? Testing is over and there are a just two weeks to go until the season kicks off in... Continue Reading →

Thunder from Down Under

In the first of the #F1PaddockPassFamily articles, @DavoGunner shares his thoughts on that incredible moment when all eyes focus on Australia, as the first race of the season commences. In this brilliant article, he remembers the first time that Albert Park hosted the iconic race and the spectacular action that unfolded... "A great place for┬áthe... Continue Reading →

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