So long, farewell…


Now before you’re all worried that F1PP is disappearing forever, let me allay that fear first and foremost. F1PP is alive and well and kicking into 2018 with style. It’s been quite a roller coaster for me personally this past year and as the new year arrived – and new opportunities presented themselves – I needed to take stock and make some tough choices.

You would have noticed on the Twitter feed that I mentioned a few weeks ago that F1PP was scaling back a little, dropping feeds such as You Tube, Facebook, Drivetribe and the like, in order to make things a little more manageable. The fact is, I’m just one guy who has a family, commitments and a pretty demanding full time job to keep running. Something had to give – and so F1PP was pruned a little.

However, it is with a little sadness that I have to say today that very soon, this blog space will close. Despite the contributions of some truly wonderful and dedicated fans, I am not able to devote the time, passion or attention that this blog needs to stay current, factual and on point.

It was started as a means to enable fans to read about their sport from the people who love it – fellow fans – and to provide readers with a source of news that wasn’t churned out from some global behemoth and then cut and pasted on sites around cyberville. No, I wanted this blog to be different, and thanks to some pretty fabulous folks, I think we achieved just that.

To all of you who visited and made the blog statistics incredible to read, I thank you. For all of your comments, criticisms, emails and the like, each one was read and acted upon in a quest to make the site a little better. But that sort of thing takes time… and I’ve got very little of that spare in 2018.

So F1PP is being pruned back even further to simply our original Twitter and Instagram feeds. You know when I started, it was just a Twitter feed anyway, so it’s a little like heading home.

Thank you again for stopping by and being a part of this. You’re all amazing. But my final and biggest thank you is to the contributors who took the time to share their love of the greatest sport in the world.

Be good to each other…

F1PP x


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