McLaren launches the MCL33

Written by Grant Rivers (@SnowAndBeach)

Over the past week, McLaren’s social media posts have featured orange in some way. Shortly before the teaser trailer was released, McLaren shared a video of the car it took to the 1974 Indy 500, decked out in ‘papaya’, with its designer Gordon Coppuck.

The MCL33, fitted with a black Halo on top of the papaya orange looks impressive. (Pic: McLaren)
The new car features a predominantly orange engine cover, awaiting that title sponsor. (Pic: McLaren)

Though last year’s car saw the team move back towards an orange colour, it was not the ‘papaya’ orange associated most with the early days of Bruce McLaren’s team and also featured large chunks of black across the chassis.

Tight packaging at the rear will suit the new Reanult PU. (Pic: McLaren)

Powered by new engine partner Renault, McLaren is prepping for a change of fortune this season. The next step however will call for the MCL33’s validation on the race track, with the team projecting 500km of running per day at the Circuit de Catalunya in the next two weeks.


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