F1PP needs you!

As some of you may be aware up until now, F1PP has been the result of a single person. There are no flash offices, no healthcare plan, not even a tea lady – just little old me, trying to bring a unique perspective to the Formula One landscape.

When I first started, it was purely a way to share my views and time from the Paddock with friends and family. Over time, it’s evolved to become it’s own living and breathing entity that now covers Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, DriveTribe and of course, WordPress. It’s a lot to keep an eye on and keep up to date with. One guy, a full time job, a family and various other interests to keep up and running – to say the least I am unable to devote as much time to F1PP to bring you as much unique content as I would like.

So here’s where you come in.

I’ve opened up the WordPress site to any budding journalist who would like to contribute to F1PP. Likewise if you’re an artist, a race reviewer – even someone who can help to code the site – anyone who would like their voice heard or their words read, I’d love to hear from you. I can’t offer you money, I can’t offer you an actual Paddock Pass (but if I had a pound for every time I got asked, I could actually afford to pay you – but I digress). What I can offer you is 21,000+ followers on Twitter, 6000+ followers on Instagram and a growing audience on Facebook, Drivetribe and within the motorsport community.

F1PP will credit you for your work, add you to the family and be honored to have you on board. The plan is to evolve the WordPress site over time to create a true fan-driven experience that covers every aspect of Formula One. Yes, there are other sites out there that do this – and they’re damn good at it too – but I am pretty sure there is space in the Pit Lane for an extra garage.

If you’d like to participate and join Anil, Hayley, Jack, Dinesh, Davo and the rest of the #F1PP Team, drop me a few lines at f1paddockpass@outlook.com with an example of your work or the style of thing you’d like to contribute to the site.

Thanks for reading.


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